Carrie B Loves Nate

So many things going on this month but the most important… my brother is getting married. In 7 days!!! We are so excited for them. They are headed to Jamaica. Negril to be exact. They are staying/getting married at Sunset At The Palms in these incredible tree-house bungalows.

Well that’s an awful lot to celebrate and since they are running off to Jamaica on their own we decided to shower them. My mother, cousin and I hosted a shower on March 27th. We had a lot of fun.

L loves her Aunt Carrie so I didn’t have the heart not to include her in the festivities.

Nate showed up later to help Carrie open their presents. My family went with the asian theme. It was easy for us 🙂

L also loves her Uncle Na too

The cake, drinks and favors (tiny flower plates with tea lights, flower seeds and flower clips for their hair)

The table scape… our theme was flowers

All the ladies in attendance

Nate and Carrie with their mommas

oh and then there was one with L

A fantastic time!!!


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