Things I Know For Sure

Never ever watch Marley & Me so close to losing your best dog friend. It’s makes the pain fresh. Doggy cancer sucks!!

Kids, even ones with a fever, feel the need to practice for Easter. My daughter is running around hiding Easter eggs for her brother to find.

Fresh air and warm temperatures do a body good.

A brand new bouncy ball and a hyperactive dog are not a good mix.

Windows open and a nice breeze make for perfect napping weather.

Cooped up children will drive you nuts, it’s best to get them outside.

An alarm on my phone for an important appointment is necessary.

I sure am excited about our Easter plans this year. We are going to Chaumette Winery for brunch, where we will be a part of an Easter egg hunt, petting live bunnies and the Easter eggs even have adult prizes. Like a free stay at their cottages. Get ready for some elbowing.

I love my hard working husband very much and love it when he takes an afternoon off to be with us.

One thought on “Things I Know For Sure

  1. Marie says:

    We stayed at that winery, wonderful place for an anniversary!

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