Top Ten Tuesday

Wow I haven’t done a Top Ten list in forever and I figured it’s about time I got back on the band wagon. So in honor of the upcoming bridal shower I’m co-hosting I decided to list the ten places/stores I would have a registry (if I was allowed to do one again).

  1. Target – cause who doesn’t love this store. It’s like mommy crack. I could cloth my children, get some groceries, buy myself some new clothes, some new movies… you name it.
  2. William Sonoma – if I’m going to request new kitchen gadgets might as well go for the best. I really want a mandolin and some new pots and pans.
  3. Pottery Barn – A new couch without old spit up stains, a rug that hasn’t been peed or puked on, maybe even a new dining room table. The possibilities are endless
  4. – Yes you can now register for guests to pay for your children’s education. Um, where do I sign up?
  5. Lowe’s – Have you ever noticed if you start a home project how everything quickly adds up. This way you can register for all those unexpected things that happen or gift cards for all those visits you’ll be making
  6. Pier 1 – But the bad news is, my sis-in-law tried to register there and they informed her that it wasn’t possible. If you could… I would. I love walking around this store. It’s always so bright and cheerful. Some outdoor cushions and glasses or a hammock.
  7. – Yeah buddy. Everything under the sun at your fingertips. I always refer to Amazon when looking for ANYTHING. So this registry would come in handy.
  8. Travel Agent – yep I would totally love to take a second honeymoon courtesy of our second wedding guests. The options are endless on this one… the hard part – picking where to go.
  9. Container Store – All new organization items. I could start all over and be completely organized. My life would run smoothly. Who are we kidding but organization stuff is great stuff.
  10. Ikea – Cause come on who wouldn’t. Cannot wait till we visit Chicago in May because then I get to get my Ikea shopping fix.

There you have it where I would register if I was allowed to register again. Seriously why aren’t we allowed to register again. Why aren’t we allowed after 10 years of marriage to celebrate again and have our loved ones buy us stuff. Like a congratulations you made it to ten years. In this day it’s a huge accomplishment. Why have we as a society not started this yet?

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3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. oh amanda says:

    I totally agree! Ten Year Wedding Shower would be a HIT! First thing I’d register for is new towels…

  2. Yeah. I’m with you. I could really use some new pots and pans – lots of dings, scrapes and ick after 15 years.

  3. amber says:

    Oh, how I wish I could register again. Crate and Barrel would be good too…

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