It’s a big deal

Tonight I packed her backpack. I folded her new nightgown and smiled at the thought of how happy she would be to show her friends. I picked out an outfit for the morning and laid it beside her nightgown. Rolled up her sleeping bag and labeled it with her name and placed both the backpack and sleeping bag by the front steps. She was all set. She was excited but I could tell she was also a little nervous. Her first big sleepover. There would be 12 other little girls and for my shy little girl it’s a lot to anticipate. She sat on my lap and we brushed her hair, we talked about all the fun things she would be doing tonight with her friends. There would be cupcakes and presents, games and lots of running around playing. She was happy.

When the time came to put on our coats and gather up her stuff she was running at full speed. She and I talked the whole way there (all of 7 minutes) about her day and the fun things that we had done. We arrived and she JUMPED out of the car and practically ran up to the door. Once inside she handed over the presents, threw off her coat and ran upstairs to join her friends.

I stuck around to talk to the mom and dad and while still there she ran by a couple times, the last time she ran by she stopped, grabbed my leg and started to wipe tears away. It was breaking my heart. Poor thing had been so excited and now at the prospect of me leaving she was about to come apart. Her friends mom took her by the hand and assured her of the upcoming fun and I crept out.

I sat here at home tonight, entertaining friends and thinking of nothing but her. How she was doing, what she was doing… then the phone rang. I was prepared to hear that she was upset and wanted to come home. I was very happy to hear that she is doing good and wanted to stay. Success as of 10:50 pm. How nice that the parents called ME to tell me she was doing okay. Almost like they knew I needed to know.

Her brother, little J really misses her tonight. So much so, he slept in her bed. We’ll see how much I sleep tonight but I am really proud of her. Even if she called at 2:00 am I would rush to get her and still be proud. Cause your first sleepover, it’s a big deal.


One thought on “It’s a big deal

  1. angie says:

    oh, how sweet. I totally forgot about little girl sleepovers! I can’t remember my first but I remember them being really fun.

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