Jump for Joy – I Heart Faces

This week I Heart Faces photo challenge is Jump for Joy and this is definitely my favorite picture EVER of my brother. I shot this while taking his engagement photos last July. We told them both to jump and C was like how am I supposed to do that, N8 said “like this”. She has this look on her face like um, yeah I don’t think so. That’s when I snapped the picture. Love it. He is such a goofball.

It really brings a smile to my face.

Check out all the other submissions, they are all so much fun.


9 thoughts on “Jump for Joy – I Heart Faces

  1. Hahaha! His face! Greatness.

  2. sunshinekmp says:

    Ha ha ha! Too funny!

  3. candacesoon says:

    You can truly see your brother’s personality in this pic. What a great capture!

  4. Summer C. says:

    Both of their expressions are great!

  5. Holly says:

    I love their expressions. Simply fun!

  6. Stephanie says:

    hihi what a funny and great photo!! Soo crazy expressions on their faces!! Fantastic!!
    Have a nice week!!

  7. sarahephoto says:

    Ha ha ha … I love their expressions! Great photo!

  8. jeriamrine says:

    Too funny! I love both of their expressions.

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