TV Tonight

Of course we watched the Jim/Pam/Baby episode of the Office tonight… who didn’t?! I thought it was hilarious. SPOILERS!!

-She didn’t want to go to the hospital, that was funny. How many out there went into the labor for the first time and didn’t want to go to the hospital? That would be me. When I had L, my water broke and I sat on the toliet saying “it’ll stop, don’t worry, my water didn’t break, I just wet my pants”. She was born 6 hours later.

-Um…. Dwight… he escorted them to the hospital, threw weapons out the window as he was being pulled over, signed a contract to have a baby with Angela, broke into Jim and Pam’s house, slept in their bed naked and destroyed their kitchen. He had a very busy night.

-Did you happen to see the cringe scene where Pam breastfed the other ladies baby? Yikes. Yeah it was bad.

OMG the whole show was hilarious.

Now we are watching the Marriage Ref. Love this new show. People are so weird. Did you see the freak last week with the stuffed dog?

The metrosexual guy, that was a little creepy. I’m with the wife. I’m not a fan of a man that gets manis and pedis. I think Eva Longoria Parker said it best, “he’s on the path of mani, pedi, tannie, trannie”. Thank god my man is exactly that… a man. My friend and I joke about her hubby being metro, I will never say that again after seeing that guy. Friend if you read this, your hubby is far from metro 😉

The second couple… she’s crazy. First with the table, not using a dining room table? Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t tables supposed to be used. Second with the porch, my man is not a handy man but it doesn’t mean he’s not a good man and thank you Natalie Morales for saying that women are actually better at following directions and assembling items. Yes, yes we are.

Third couple, ewwww!!! I’m with Jerry on this one. Separation of church and state. You’d have to watch to get it.

Fourth couple, the ring issue. Ok fine take it off to play basketball but then put it back on stupid.

BTW I won’t do this every week. I just felt like blogging tonight and it’s all I could think of to blog about.

Am I the only that can’t wait to see minute to win it?! I wanna see if the guy gets all the tissues out of the box in a minute. 🙂


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