Many crafts and little time

I’m a little out of control lately. I currently have 6 projects that I want to complete on my sewing table. Yikes and I have taken 3 days off, at this rate they will never be finished. Anyway, as many of you know we are headed to Disney at the end of the summer and so I’ve been buying some things for the kids already. Good lord, out of control, I told you.

I found a shirt at Old Navy, a Mickey Mouse shirt. It was size 8 and the only one left in the store. L does not wear anything near a size 8, more like a size 5 but I bought it anyway, it’s was $5. I decided it would be cute as a dress. So I bought some red fabric with white polka-dots and added two ruffles. I think it’s adorable, my mom thinks it’s cute and so does L!!! Those three opinions are the only ones I was interested in πŸ™‚ Now I’m on the hunt for some leggings to go underneath. I think they will complete the outfit perfectly.

The shirt is now a dress, the shirt/dress is still a little big in the shoulders BUT she’ll grow into it and then I can take the ruffles off because I kept the original hem on the shirt.

I’m very excited about the fact that my BFF bought her first sewing machine. You can see her first project here. SO cute. She’s multi-talented as well and makes these awesome flowers for women and children’s hair with her sis-in-law. They call them Hair Blooms. We were looking through them on Friday when we spent the day together. I was trying a few out, I’m not usually a hair accessory kind of person, but these were gorgeous. I found one that I love. It’s so cool and fits my hair perfectly. Now she’s going to teach me how to make some of those and I will have one for each outfit πŸ™‚ that makes me smile.

Here are two pics I took with my new iPhone app. I blogged about it here.

A box of blooms:

My new bloom:

So many crafts and so little time.


4 thoughts on “Many crafts and little time

  1. angie says:

    wow what a cute idea to turn a t shirt into a dress! I’m so not crafty! Congrats on a great project.

  2. Becca L.B. says:

    So cute and a great way to grow into the shirt! You’re so crafty! πŸ™‚

  3. wherelifebecomesart says:

    Thanks for the mention πŸ™‚
    You have truly inspired me! I feel so blessed to have BF in my life that I share so many commen interests with!
    SB is going to be so much fun sewing and crafting the days away! I guess we better find something for our kids to

  4. Mary Jo says:

    Hollie – that dress is adorable!! What a great idea :0)

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