Our Anniversary/Valentines Weekend

It’s always a busy weekend for us. We are never at a loss for plans. Here’s what we did this year for our big weekend.

Friday the 12th

JT took the day off because the kids were off for a teacher conference, so we went out to see my dad and his wife. They wanted to order some Girl Scout cookies from our lil Daisy, L. We had lunch at CiCi’s Pizza and then ran a few errands. We came home and relaxed for a couple hours. Got ready about 4:30, took the kids to my moms (where she was having a birthday party for my grandma), stayed for about a half hour at mom’s, wished my grandmother a happy birthday and headed out to dinner. Ate a yummy dinner with my BFF and her hubby (you can see pictures here) I think I laughed the whole night. Then my brother met us at the restaurant where we sat and had a couple of drinks. It was a GREAT DAY!!!

Saturday the 13th

Our actual anniversary!!! 11 years!! We were kicking ourselves for not planning a vow renewal on Saturday. It isn’t often that Mardi Gras falls on your anniversary again. We were married on Mardi Gras originally. I just don’t tend to think romantically like that, maybe someday. Anyway, we laid around the house most of the day, just enjoying being together. At 5:00 we headed to our friends house and had dinner with them for the second weekend in a row. We’ve really been enjoying their company and they adore our kids as much as L and J adore them. We talked baby stuff and nursery decor since they are expecting their first in June. A little girl. I couldn’t be more thrilled for them.

Sunday the 14th

At 3:00 we had a Valentines Party at my mom’s house. My mom, grandmother and my family sat around enjoying each others company. We talked, drank and ate a yummy appetizer. I helped my mom then cook dinner which consisted of lobster tails, linguine with clam sauce, a salad with cranraisins and chocolate (YUM), broccolini and then chocolate pudding with whipped cream and raspberries. I could have eaten all night. We had fun watching it snow on Valentines Day, with the windows all open so we could enjoy the view.

All in all it was a busy weekend but I loved every second of it. JT and I had talked and agreed that we weren’t going to do the whole card thing or gifts, so imagine my surprise when I received a card for V-Day and for our anniversary… plus a box of candy. Such a sneak!! Poor guy had nothing from me but he said my blog post about our anniversary was a digital card and it meant a lot to him. 🙂


One thought on “Our Anniversary/Valentines Weekend

  1. angie says:

    Happy Anni! By the way the newborn shots on your blog are amazing!

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