My cup runneth over

Today is my 11th wedding anniversary and I’m completely happy with where I am in life. Married to the man of my dreams, two gorgeous kids and the best family and friends anyone could ask for. I couldn’t imagine life being lived any other way. In the past 11 years we have so many memories and life events, good and bad, of course. Some of us are lucky enough to find the man we want to spend the rest of our lives with and I’m one of them.

We are best friends and enjoy spending time together.

We laugh together, all the time.

We’ve cried together during sad times in life.

We’ve shared the happiest of memories, like our wedding and the birth of our children.

We aren’t romantic but we show each other our love in small gestures.

Our marriage isn’t perfect in everyone’s eyes but it is in mine. I love you JT you are the best part of me.


2 thoughts on “My cup runneth over

  1. angie says:

    aw that was so sweet! I feel the same way, I’m a lucky girl too! My hubs surprised me today with tickets to see Michael Buble for Vday. He can be so amazing sometimes!

  2. angie says:

    are you freaking kidding me that you’d do maternity shots for free???? That would be amazing!!!!! You are so wonderful to offer that to me! I’d love to, why don’t you email me and we can exchange info.
    Thanks girl!

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