Works for Me Wednesday – Waiting Room Distraction

Oh-my-lanta has it been a long time since I took part in WFMW. By my BFF‘s urging I thought I would share something that has recently worked for me.

One of the best Christmas presents my kids received was the Tag Reader by LeapFrog. We have several of the character books and the learning to read series. My kids play with it all the time and this toy has endless possibilities. I have to say I was skeptical at first but after I read many reviews I decided to tell my mom and grandmother who in turn bought the system plus a book for my kids.

They spend hours reading the books and playing the games, which gives me a little quiet time, but also I know they are learning something. So there is the background information now onto my WFMW….

I had to go to the doctor last week because I had a horrible sinus infection and felt like a was breathing through a straw. I unfortunately had to take J with me and I knew he wouldn’t appreciate the long wait we might have. So I packed a little bag full of stuff like suckers, star wars guys and the tag reader. Last minute I grabbed his headphones to take along because who in an adult waiting room wants to hear J click the same word over and over and over again. Probably no one there.

It was a godsend. He sat quietly for 30 minutes with his headphones on and read two books. Heaven. He loved using the headphones too, he felt like a big boy. I am so glad I had one of those brilliant mommy moments and remembered that the pen had a headphone jack. I know the people in the waiting room appreciated it too. I even took a picture, because it’s what I do.

If you have any WFMW tips feel free to share them at We Are That Family.


2 thoughts on “Works for Me Wednesday – Waiting Room Distraction

  1. Jenny says:

    Hi. Just stopping by to check out your site 😀 It’s nifty. Great post here. 😀 Have a great weekend.

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