Valentine Party preparations

Thank god for the snow day today. I was able to get so many things done…. project wise. Yesterday after I picked up L from school we ran some errands and purchased all the Valentine party stuff we would need. I am a room mom for both kids parties this week. To make it easier on myself I chose to do party bags for both classes. We bought bags from the $1 section at Target and then purchased “stuff” from the dollar store to fill them up.

So I did that for the 16 kids in L’s class and then for the 14 kids in J’s class. Luckily both kids were helpful. Last week I took J to buy his very first box of Valentines. I figure he’s a boy, it’s his first year, I wasn’t going to get all crafty with him and his Valentines. Here’s what our little guy picked…

Anyone that knows him will see that this is no surprise. In fact right now he is running around with a light saber, his Jedi robe (yes Liv he wears it constantly) and he’s watching Revenge of the Sith in his room. To say he’s obsessed is a HUGE understatement. Wanna see a pic… of course you do.

For his teachers I made these beauties. They’re for his two preschool teachers, his speech teacher and the kids dance teacher.

Thank Family Fun!!! Without you I’d be lost for ideas.

So I got J all done and ready. His party is on Thursday. Next up was L. I saw some Valentines at Family Fun again and decided since we have the economy bag of Dum Dum’s and construction paper out the wazoo, I figured it would be cheaper to make these.

The ones for the boys cards say “Be My Bud-dy”, her two teacher’s cards say “You’re a Sweetheart” and finally the girls flowers say “Our Friendship is Blooming”. I wrote the messages and she signed her name. Thanks to her and JT I was able to get all of these finished in less than an hour. Her party is tomorrow and we are all set I just have to think of a couple of games to play at the party.

I was going to make or even buy a cute little shirt or something for L to wear tomorrow but she wears a uniform so that was pointless.

So there you have it some of my Valentine projects. I haven’t done the kids projects yet but I’m excited to show you those when they are all done.

One thought on “Valentine Party preparations

  1. Becca L.B. says:

    So cute! I love Family Fun magazine, don’t you?

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