Homemade Love

Lots of handmade stuff going on… I need to finish thank you notes for Christmas (what??? you have a year to get them out, right?!), L and I are going to make Valentines for her class and I promised we would make hearts to hang from the ceiling. I’ve also found some things on the internet that I LOVE!!!

This fabric would be so cute as an accent for a dress.

Lil Blue Boo‘s blog, I really, really want to make this camera strap.

These two shirts for J when we go to Disney

This shirt for L

This whole etsy shop is amazing

I really wat to learn to make this shirt for L

My favorite etsy search right now is: Disney Girls Boutique. There are so many cute outfits.

Another lovely store on etsy with cute fabric and patterns

I really would like to make this for my creative baby girl, but alas it’s sold out.

I saw this and knew right away I wanted to make it for a gift for someone (if I can), I won’t say who but I really think it’s adorable and she did a FANTASTIC job, it’s brilliant. One tiny little thing I would change. I would sew a page protector or something on the side where you can write an address so it would be dry erase. Since L is learning to write and spell and read it would be awesome to be able to erase the addresses and messages and start all over again. I found one on etsy that I like too, I like that they added a box. Very cool.

These bows and clippies are amazing. I love them and can’t wait to get one for L.

OMG, if my friends ever had a baby I would definitely feel inclined to buy this for their nursery. Too funny.

How cute is this food set?!?! This one takes the cake… these are so cute too. I could just shop the food felt section of etsy all night, but I won’t.

So I guess that’s enough for tonight, I’m tired. We had a really early morning, JT had to be at work extra early for a class this morning. So early I had to wake the kids up in order to leave. We were all hurting this morning. But we have been pretty spoiled because when you’re sick you get to sleep… a lot. All that equals an early bedtime tonight.


2 thoughts on “Homemade Love

  1. Kate says:

    Hey! Emily’s Little World Blog in December had those coloring wallets… she had the pattern and step by step how to do it. Its very cute!

  2. […] cousin linked to this post, so I finally knew what I would do with the metal mailboxes I got from the […]

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