Sickness be gone!!!

So it’s been a week and one day since this sickness came into our home. It started with L. A slight fever and a nasty cough. We were up all night Tuesday night with her, steam showers and all. Poor girl had croup and a bad case at that. She is finally better today, Wednesday, one week later and has returned to school.

Now it’s J and myself. J has a nasty cough, runny nose and a fever still. Nothing high but it’s there. It’s weird the fever is always worse at night, around 5:00 he just starts laying around not moving.

I have a congested chest and a dizzy feeling when I stand. But thankfully I have a severely devoted and helpful husband. He has been running errands, taking kids to school and working from home to help out since it all started.

That’s what we’ve been up to. 😦


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