Two Christmases… and a third on the way

Picture heavy post, but aren’t most of them 🙂 I didn’t use my D70 a lot so most of these are from my Coolpix or taken by my dad and his camera.

Our Christmas Eve started at 2:00 in a rainy fashion. The kids were all dressed up and their coats were on, we opened the door and it was POURING outside. That makes everything more difficult. We were all dressed up and loading presents and kids in the car while dodging puddles and such. We weren’t feeling very Christmasy. We made it out to my Dad’s and the Christmasy spirit was back. We opened presents with my Dad and his wife and then we headed to my Uncle and Aunt’s house to see the extended family on my Dad’s side, that’s also where my brother joined us.

The kids by my dad’s tree

My family

My dad, his wife and the kids

All dressed and ready to go to the next stop

Setting cookies, milk and carrots out for Santa

Christmas morning started at 7:30. My mom was coming over that morning at 8:00 and neither of the kids were awake so JT and I got up a little early to get ready for the mayhem and to start the breakfast casserole. When mom arrived she woke up both kids to psych them up for Christmas.

The tree and packages untouched while the kids slept

My mom bringing the kids into the family room to see their presents (always a favorite part)

Jack noticed Santa’s footprints right away, the glitter was EVERYWHERE!!

The kids noticed their stockings first this year, which is unusual because every other year we do them last. I usually have to remind them.

Then we do Santa presents…


and then the Mommy/Daddy presents…


then GeGe presents… then presents from the kids to us, the ones they buy at school. I don’t have any pics of us opening 🙂

and then Unca Na and C presents. I was so happy, she really liked the album I made for her with all their engagement pictures.

then finally presents from Unca Na and C….


and possibly the best picture ever taken of my hubby… gifts from Na and C.

Whew!!! That’s all the presents here at our house. We then get cleaned up and head over to my mom’s house and open the presents from her. This year L received a My Twinn doll which is really cool, she was very excited about that and she received the Playmobil wedding set. J received his two large transformers (which he hadn’t stopped talking about wanting from August to Christmas) and the Playmobil jail set.

J with his new transformers (the kind we don’t have to “transform”)

L and I with her new My Twinn doll

My mom is well-known for her beautiful wrapping on presents


C, Na, JT and I got the best gift of all…. new bedding, a mattress and a box spring. The way I sleep has completely changed. I’ll have to post about my new bed someday.

Oh, did I ever mention my brother is a dork? No!!! Well this might be the proof you need…

After a wonderful Christmas at my mom’s we headed to my Aunt and Uncle’s house where everyone was required to bring a $10 gift. Then we had a white elephant exchange. This is where I pulled out my D70. I still didn’t take that many.

L with her doll waiting for present time to start

JT in another bad Christmas sweater. This time he decided to wear it in a way reminiscent of Mushmouth from Fat Albert

Random family shots… cousin O and her family, cousin A and her hubby and my uncle and grandmother.

Present time was fun, my Aunt wrapped up this ridiculously ugly sunglasses as her white elephant gift… guess who got them?! ME!!! I laughed so hard I was crying. Everyone said my reaction was priceless…

We had a fantastic time. We just laughed the entire time. One of my favorite parts of the evening… the drinks my cousin was serving me. A glass of vodka, triple sec and cranberry juice. YUM!!!

So that was our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Here was my house after all that….

We still had one Christmas to go, post coming.

One thought on “Two Christmases… and a third on the way

  1. wherelifebecomesart says:

    That My Twinn Doll is spooky. It’s EXACTLY like her!!! There is no way if I ever got one for my girls that it would actually look like them. I think it’s because L is such a little doll…I mean come on..she’s like a real live porcelain doll! I bet she loves it!

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