A “T” Christmas

Basically this is my husband’s families Christmas celebration.

I was really excited about having Christmas with my inlaws because I always love sitting around and chit chatting but also the gifts the kids were getting were at the top of their lists this year.

L received the American Girl doll Kirsten from Oba. Plus her accessories and an outfit for Kirsten. From her aunt, uncle and cousins she received the small Josefina American Girl doll and the crayon maker.

J received a huge Star Wars tank and some Star Wars characters from Oba and from his aunt, uncle and cousins he received the Batman robot vehicle and a Wolverine claw.

Opening cards from Oba.

J and his new figurines, he really likes this pose. The “cover my face with my new gift” pose.

L and Kirsten. She now owns all of the original American Girl Dolls… Kirsten, Molly and Samantha.

J and his tank and his wolverine claw, his big cousin (who is 17 – when did that happen, where was I) helped him open his presents. Oba’s in the background.

L with her Josefina doll and a great picture of Oba.

The last picture, a cute one of L and her cousin S, oh and Kirsten.

They had a fantastic Christmas. These kids got everything they wanted. Plus gift cards from their other uncle, aunt and cousin in Kentucky. So they could get more, like they needed more. 🙂

There you have it Christmas pictures are done and it’s only January 15th. Now, I’m off to take down my tree. Yes, it’s still up, don’t judge! 🙂

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