No Chaos!

I really want to take the time to sit and blog Christmas photos but I am really enjoying my family instead. I am enjoying sitting and watching movies and playing Wii. I’m enjoying snuggles on the couch and art projects with L. Being on the computer takes time away from them lately.

I’ve enjoyed being with my family during our snow day on Thursday so much that I actually kept L at home from school on Friday because it was freakin cold outside, we overslept and I thought… I’m always a good parent. I always make the decisions I am expected to make. Can’t I just this once do what I want to do with my family and not be told what we have to do. Don’t worry it won’t become a routine.

Just because we are inside all snuggly and warm doesn’t mean that life has stopped. Coming up this week we have Daisy cookie sales starting and we have an appearance on Show Me St. Louis scheduled (L’s dance class – still a maybe). So life hasn’t slowed down too much but the snow sure did make for a nice break.

Wanna see those pictures… there aren’t as many so I think I can at least get those into a post. My poor family is probably sitting around, impatiently waiting for them. Just a few more days… PROMISE!

L shoveling the sidewalk with her new kid’s shovel. She hated wearing that coat too. It’s a boys coat but I figured it would keep her warmer. She complained the entire time that she looked like a boy.

My boy J. He could have spent HOURS out there playing. He had so much fun.

Even Marley joined us (my brother’s dog)

It’s a week today we lost our Boo. It’s still so sad. Sometimes you’ll be going about your day and I’ll think I hear him whining so I stop what I’m doing, go to open the backdoor and remember?! Each day we heal a little more.

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