More Christmas blogs coming

This week has been great. JT has been home all week on vacation and it’s been really nice. Today we’re staying home so I figure I will catch up on my blog and then clean and then make sure all presents are wrapped and ready to go. Our Christmas starts tomorrow at 2:00 and I could not be more excited if I were 4 and 5 years old. Are anyone else’s kids bouncing off the walls? No, okay just mine then. Lucky me.

Monday we went to the Botanical Gardens with my mom and grandmother. It’s a tradition and gosh do we love it, we do the “scavenger hunt” with the kids and we were so happy that JT was with us this year. We even ran into our neighbors with their grandson, so I offered to take their picture for them and in return they took ours. SO nice. We’re hardly ever in the same picture.



Okay all those pictures were from Monday. It was a lot of fun. Tuesday I took L to see The Princess and the Frog. I loved the movie and L really like it too. It was a little scary. The evil Dr. Facilier has evil shadows that come to life and turn into monsters and take away the frog in some parts of the movie and a beloved character is squashed, which is REALLY sad. But after all that is said it’s a good movie. Probably better for the little older girls. 5 year olds may have nightmares. We made it through last night without a nightmare so that’s good. Here’s a picture of L and her friend from school. They were so cute.

Today we are laying low. I have a house to clean, presents to finish wrapping, blogs to write… 🙂 The kids are spending the night at my mom’s tonight so I have no idea what JT and I are going to do, something together before all the craziness starts because tomorrow at 2:00 our christmas goes into full swing. Can’t wait.


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