Christmas Pictures

Last year I showed you the beautiful pictures of my kiddos in their Christmas Eve clothes. My mom makes L a beautiful dress every Christmas Eve and we have her pictures taken in said dress because you just can’t resist. Without further ado… (oh these are really bad quality because I scanned them and my scanner needs to be cleaned, sorry)

L in her dress

With the left over material my mom was able to make a dress for L’s American Girl doll Molly so we had to get a picture of that

Mr. J in his handsome clothes, remarkably they match, love it when they match

One of them together and L making her signature heart that she does for everyone she loves

Then last but not least… our photo we used for Christmas cards this year. Thank you to my friend SK for taking it… I used my old “hotomom” watermark instead of my photography one because I couldn’t find the copy with my friends watermark. She’s really talented, you should check her out.

I think that about covers all the pictures we had taken for Christmas.


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