Christmas Ballet Recital

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned on here that my daughter LOVES ballet. It sometimes feels like it’s something she was born to do. She moves gracefully and learns the routines with no problem. On Halloween she had an open house where she could bring a friend, all of her friends sadly had school so we took J. J loved ballet. So now he is also taking ballet. It’s so stinkin cute I can barely stand it. Friday night we went to Brentwood High School for the ballet recital. I had to take the kids backstage to sit with the other dancers (I was worried the whole time), they were armed with their bags full of entertainment. We sat through an hour of the show before our kids FINALLY came on. Good lord, that’s a lot of waiting. Not only for us but for a 4 and 5 year old it was a lifetime.

They danced to Silent Night and their costumes were their jammies. They did fantastic. Here are some pictures I was able to take. It took a while because I had to crop out some dude’s huge head.

Here they are searching for us in the crowd

Hey, I don't have any room

Round yon virgin... mother and child

Sleep in heavenly peace....

Not sure what part of the song this is...

And finally a bow to end the performance

They both did so well that I actually teared up while watching the performance.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Ballet Recital

  1. Mary Jo says:

    So cute! And you got some great shots despite the the guy with the huge head :0)
    I can’t wait til Erin’s old enough – meaning able to follow directions ;0)

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