I’m taking a little break from blogging about Christmas activities to tell you about this amazing opportunity. If you are a photographer or aspiring photography listen up… Me Ra Koh, a nationally renowned photographer is offering scholarships to three women to take part in her program SOAR! What is SOAR??? Well straight from Me Ra Koh’s website

SOAR! is a new scholarship that is not only going to change the lives of three women, but breathe hope and encouragement into people across the nation. The SOAR! Scholarship is going to help three women take their dream of building a photography business come true. Starting December 1st, we invite women to submit a 2 minute video that shares why they have what it takes to SOAR! in building their own photography business. On January 1st , we will announce the three winners and begin their next 12 months of self discovery, empowerment and support to building a business that will last. Women will receive camera gear from Sony, beautiful websites and blogs from SmugMug, designed by Chopping Block. They will also receive software from Adobe, ShootQ, and SHOWIT that will make their life easier. The recipients will be mentored by industry leaders as well as Me Ra Koh’s business coaches from Wisdom Connection. They will be inspired by each SOAR! partner to go for their dreams. But SOAR! is not for the faint of heart. The winners will be required to document their year long journey on the SOAR! website through blog posts, videos, images, teleconferences and more. In turn, the next 12 months will change their lives. And even better, all entries and followers of SOAR! will get to shadow their experience and grow alongside them in real time. SOAR! is about understanding the wind that lifts us. SOAR! is about having the courage to believe our dreams were given to us for a reason. SOAR! is about climbing swiftly and powerfully! SOAR! is about helping you jump, take flight, and believe that you can not only learn to fly but SOAR!

Isn’t that amazing?! Basically she would help you over a year build a photography business from scratch. If you visit the website there is so much encouraging information about empowering women, not only that but you can check out what would be required of you for the 12 months. Sounds like SO much fun. You get three full-paid trips, assignments and blogging material.

If you aren’t familiar with Me Ra Koh, you should be. Click on this link to learn all about her. She’s amazing and completely inspiring. You can sign up for her newsletter or follow her on her blog here.

So go… NOW and make your videos submissions. Good luck to all that choose to enter.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of the SOAR! Scholarship and Me Ra Koh Photography. In addition, I receibed an Amazon gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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