Visiting with Santa

We used to visit the mall when Santa came to town. We would head to Frontenac Plaza, I always favored their setting and the Santa there. Last year we did something different, we went to Sears where they brought in a Santa and the kids were able to sit and talk to him and interact with him a little more. They loved it. When I found out that they hired the same Santa to come back this year I knew we were going to the event again. L was extremely silent, barely saying a word. J was very talkative and answered all of his questions. He’s a great Santa and is really good with the kids. Here’s the picture:

I love the smile on my little man’s face. I rarely get to capture that smile, his true smile. Not forced at all. I’ve wanted to post this article I found in Readers Digest since I read it recently.

Thirteen Things Your Mall Santa Won’t Tell You…. – Readers Digest December 2009/January 2010 Issue

  1. Never force your screaming child onto my lap. Just bring them close and give me a few minutes. I’ve got plenty of tricks up my sleeve.
  2. Some of us get bonuses for making our daily photo quota. So please forgive me if I try to move things along.
  3. I make around $10,000 a season doing this, but cut me some slack. Between October and December, most of us work about forty 10-hour days and listen to 30,000 children.
  4. Wondering why both of my white-gloved hands are always where you can see them? Ask my lawyer.
  5. I’m sorry Grandma is in heaven or that Mom and Dad have split up. But even Santa can only do so much, so let’s just stick with what you’d like to unwrap on the big day.
  6. Want to have more than just a few seconds with me? Skip the mall. Let’s meet at your kid’s preschool or a photo studio that invites Santa in for special portraits.
  7. As a matter of fact, i did go to school for this. Topics of study: how to hold children, manage sticky conversations, and care for my hair and beard.
  8. I don’t have total recall. Don’t come back after a few minutes and ask what your kid requested. Stand close enough to listen.
  9. Those of us with real beards think we’re superior. But the best of the rest of us pay as much as $3,000 to wig makers to make us authentic-looking whiskers.
  10. I see you vigorously nodding your head, but even so, I will never, ever promise anything to a child.
  11. Boys tend to give it to you straight: “I want a Game Boy and a remote control car.” Little girls want to explain everything.
  12. Is Santa real? “Well,” I reply, pinching myself and grimacing, “I feel real.”
  13. I’ve been kicked in the shins, hit in the groin, scratched, bitten and peed on. But there’s a reason I keep doing this year after year: This is the best work I’ve ever found.

From Santas in California, Illinois, Iowa and Rhode Island, including “Santa Tim” Connaghan, a traveling Santa instructor. Interviews conducted by Michelle Crouch.

Also, found on their website: 12 More Things Your Mall Santa Won’t Tell You

  1. I’m not an orthodontist, either. Don’t ask me  to your child why she needs to stop sucking her thumb.
  2. Nobody’s facial hair curls like this naturally. That’s why they invented curling irons and got2b Glued Styling Spiking Glue
  3. I’ve noticed a lot of you have started telling your kids the truth about me a lot younger than you used to. Sometimes you spoil things before your child even asks the question, just because you’re worried he’ll hear it from someone else. Please stop. You’re ruining the fun.
  4. Shhhhh, don’t tell but a few us are Jewish.
  5. Santa’s family almost never gets to spend the holiday with him on Dec 25th. Most of us schedule a delayed celebration for early January.
  6. Being Santa can be… complicated. When my daughter was in grade school, the teacher requested a conference to discuss some issues: “She’s under the firm belief that you’re Santa Claus.”
  7. I’m not a puppy, so please don’t pet me like one.
  8. Very few of us do this full time. We’re truck drivers and salesman, engineers and schoolteachers. Lots of us are retired.
  9. It’s hard not to sweat in our heavy wool suits. To make sure we smell nice, some of us sprinkle baby powder in our beards; others use evergreen scented colognes and sprays. And we’re always sucking on breath mints.
  10. Think your child’s request is over-the-top? I’ve been asked for giraffes, pigs and elephants, for visits from Hannah Montana and Elmo, even a cookbook for Mom because she’s not a good cook.
  11. Speaking of good hygiene, please take your barely potty-trained two year old  to the restroom before you get in line. Soil my suit, and it’s coal for you buster.
  12. I love the kids, but my favorites are the little old ladies in nursing homes. When they sit on my lap (which they love to do), they turn into kids themselves, and their favorite Christmas memories come pouring out.

There you have it, thank you Reader’s Digest. I found this article a lot of fun to read.

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2 thoughts on “Visiting with Santa

  1. Stacie Patterson says:

    Hi, my name is Stacie Patterson, I live in a very small town in Alabama named Thorsby thats in Chilton County just in case uyou have ever heard of it.. But I came across your websit through the Elf on The Shelf, just reading your blogs and post were so funning and ineresting to me I just hadto comment.. You seem to have put alot of tome and effort ino this site. I have 5 children 1 girl age 19 Kayla, a 17 yr old Tanner, 11 yr old Micheal, 10 yr old Logan and last but not least 7 yr old Tucker..Neadless to say Im a busy woman and this Elf on The Shelf is so cute I want to try it this year befor the litte three stop believing in the Santa stories and all the litle things that go along with it.. I love to see the twinkle in their eyes when they truely believe that a Fat man for the North Pole came all this way just for children. And I truely make them believe that if they have been bad Santa marks it on his list and you only get what you deserve for the behavior you have dealt your teachers, parents or grandparents and even siblings. We also make them know its not all about Santa that itis about Jesus as well that we couldnt do all these things without Jesus putting us here to have these fun lil games to play with our children.. But I think the way you have den your wesite is a hoot and Im now thinking of trying to do something in our area with this lil Elf to get the community involved and maybe between all of my friends here our Elfs will go from house to house spying on the neighbors children and comes back home the next morning with an update on what happened in someones elses household.. Your site has insprired me to get in the Christmas Spirit. I have up until today really not been looking forward to this years holidays but thanks to your site Ive got a lot more spirit in my bones. So thank you so much and feel free to email me and check in to see where our Elf visited during the Holidays..
    Thank you, Stacie Patterson Email address:

    P.S. Thanks again for you inspriation!!!!!!!!!!!! It will mean alot to my family……

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