Preparations are underway

Two weekends ago we hung up all the outdoor decorations in true Griswold fashion. The more lights and stuff the better in my opinion. Luckily my brother and Carrie helped us out because otherwise it would have been an extremely big job. N8’s not afraid to get up on the roof. I myself, I’m petrified. I don’t have pictures of the outdoors yet because we have yet to get the large inflatables to stay in their positions on our porch. It’s all or nothing when it comes to a picture for me. But here are pictures of us in the process.

This last weekend we finished up (well kind of) the indoors. We put up my village and we put up the Christmas tree. It took all of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I have a LOT of village pieces. We all carry the boxes up from the basement and my mom and I piece the whole thing together while JT then runs the empty boxes downstairs. It’s a system that works for us.

Here are the boxes….

And the setup starting on the mantels and in furniture….

I’ll post pictures soon of the decorations finished. As you can see it’s a huge undertaking.


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