Murray the Elf

Santa sent us one of his elves, the kids named him Murray. He arrived on December 1st. Everyday he sits and observes the kids while they play and interact. Then at night after they go to sleep he magically flies back to the North Pole and reports back to Santa how the kids have been… naughty or nice. By morning time he’s back and in a new place. The kids LOVE hunting for him. It’s truly been a highlight of our holiday so far. Here’s a picture of Murray:

Now that you know all about Murray the other day he was sitting in his new place, we were bringing in groceries and L was tired. It was a bit late and she had had a rough day. He fit was pretty out of control so I sent her to the bathroom to get a kleenex, while she was in there I moved Murray (we aren’t supposed to touch him or his magic disappears) into her room she came back and sat there in awe. She called me into her room and said “Mommy how come Murray moved in here?” I told her it’s because he wanted to see if she was being naughty and mean to us. She quickly shaped up and apologized. Yeah it was great but Murray the elf disappears on Christmas Eve. Santa picks him up when he delivers their presents. So I will use this until I can’t any longer. The funny thing is sometimes I just plain forget to move him so I’ve had to ask my future sister-in-law to move him for me and he really creeps her out. So funny but the kids love him.

Here’s a video I made…

The only trouble about Murray, they are selling him EVERYWHERE. How do you explain to a 5 and 4 year old why Santa mailed one to us and they are also in stores and catalogs. I’m working on it. If you have any ideas, feel free to pass them along.


5 thoughts on “Murray the Elf

  1. wherelifebecomesart says:

    Santa is REALLY busy this time of year. If he spent all his time making sure every child had an elf, it’d be like Christmas all over again, and we all know it takes Santa a whole year to prepare for Christmas. So while he sent out as many elves as he could, he simply had to stop an refocus on Christmas. He asked the stores and catalogs to help him out by offering the elves so that they could be marketed to the whole world and everyone could have a chance to get one. Thank goodness Santa did that too, cause it would really suck to have santa not have enough time and resources to finish his Christmas preparations. I’m sure next year he will see who didn’t get an elf and send out as many as he can again…it’s a process.

  2. wherelifebecomesart says:

    DUDE..he totally creeps me out too!

  3. future sis-in-law says:

    They are selling those things!!!!! I thought it was something from when you were a kid. ummm, hello Chucky!!!!

  4. Stacie Patterson says:

    My name is Stacie Patterson and I left a comment on one of these pages I thought had to do with your Elf Murray, but I think i went to another site on here. You are doing a great thing here with this site my childre are getting bigger and only three of them are really true believers still we have five kids in all and live in a very small town in Thorsby, Alabama.. I thought it would be neat to get the neighborhood involved in this Elf thing by getting the kids to ask eachother what happened with their Elf the night before and see if they happen to have done the same from house to house just between the close nit of friends we have here.. This person who created this is a brilliant one why couldnt we have envented this lil guy.. Well any way I truely have enjoyed your website and I will be back to read more of your blogs and posts thank you for the much needed Holiday Spirit cause I was kinda of not feeling it this year but your site has got me in the mood now… Again my name is Stacie Patterson frome Thorsby, Alabama my email is and cell number is 205-873-6750 if you ever want to meet some one from the woods of Alabama with 5 kids and alot of ideas to work with and just need a lil nudge every now and then to get some things started… And your site did that for me for Christmas this year Thank You so much…Stacie Patterson

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