Feeling random

 So many things going through my head today, on top of the crazy day I had. So just feel like getting it all down on the blog because I don’t have much else going on.

  • My friend SK and I are so excited, we can’t stop thinking about the possibility that we are going to have a studio. No details yet but Oh-my-lanta it is in the works.
  • I haven’t had a pregnant friend in almost 3 years and now I finally have one. I know she’s having a girl and I can’t stop looking at all the cute baby clothes and blankets.
  • Today I helped in J’s class for his Thanksgiving feast. I was tying a knot in one of the necklaces and pulled too tightly, my arm went flying and knocked over my coffee. All over the project. I was mortified, I couldn’t even talk. Really smooth.
  • Still haven’t finished my christmas cards but only like 17 more to go. Not bad I guess.
  • JT is my hero, he cooked a whole turkey for L’s classroom party tomorrow, while I ran children all about the city today. He rocks, I’m so lucky to have him.
  • Annoyed with my e-mail today. Sent an e-mail with some photos attached to a client yesterday morning and received failure notice this afternoon. Wish I had known earlier.
  • Read If you take a mouse to the movies tonight ($5 book at Kohl’s right now). I thought it was just… eh.
  • Did I mention how excited I am about the prospect of a new studio?! I did, oh sorry. We have such awesome and fun ideas, we may even be able to rent it out to other photographers in need of space.
  • Struggling to find gifts for my dad and his wife. What do you get the man that has everything?
  • Really want to get paid for some work I did over the summer. Hoping to buy a great gift for JT with that cash.
  • Excited for my kids this christmas, we have so many surprises.
  • Found out that L and J (who is taking ballet now) are supposed to wear christmas jammies on stage. Not sure theirs are good enough for stage.
  • Really wishing I had a flip video for the holidays, so many things to record. Would be nice to have something easier than our camcorder.

I guess that’s all for now.

2 thoughts on “Feeling random

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Very cool about the studio, Hollie!
    Hope it works out for you :0)

  2. Becca L.B. says:

    That’s so exciting about a studio! I can’t wait to hear more details!
    Also, I’m pretty flattered to be mentioned in your blog/thoughts! I assume it’s me, if not, just play along… 🙂

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