One little girl & two pierced ears

Tonight was one of those moments in L’s life that she won’t forget. It will be with her for a LONG time. Tonight JT and I (J too) took L to get her ears pierced. I was one of those moms that decided my daughter wasn’t going to get her ears pierced until she was 7. That way she could decide for herself whether she wanted them or not. Well, for the last couple of months she’s been asking me to take her but I wouldn’t because I thought my mom would have a fit. Imagine my surprise when this weekend we were at Target and mom saw a pair of gold studs for her and told her that if she got her ears pierced before Christmas she could wear those with her dress. That’s really all it took. She begged me everyday. We decided to make a night out of it.

First we ate in the food court at the mall. We ate at Johnny Rockets and ate at the bar. Why is it these little things thrill them more than anything? They were excited to be sitting there. Then we headed up to Claire’s. From what I could tell walking up there she wasn’t nervous at all, she was jumping around and skipping. We got there and she climbed into the chair, that’s when the nerves kicked in. Luckily JT took pics with my phone while I reassured her it was going to be fine.


This picture looks terrible but I was told to help keep her head straight because she was moving her neck down

She really did not have any tears but she sure did squint really hard.

All done, it took all of 15 seconds to do both. She was happy afterwards, if not relieved to be done. I was sweating because I was really stressed out.

Claire’s gave her a bear to hold onto which is such a good idea. I wish I had thought to bring something she loved to hang onto. I was so proud of her, she is such a brave little girl. When we were done, while Daddy paid she looked at all the earrings and was getting really excited about what lay ahead for her (about 6 weeks).

We started walking back to the car and I remembered I had bear bucks for Build-A-Bear, so we let the kids stop in and pick out an outfit for their animals at home. J picked out the new Darth Vader outfit with the lightsaber (of course) and L picked out a Christmas elf outfit for her doll Annie. To top off the night we stopped in Yankee Candle to smell some candles (more for me) and bought L a cookie for being a brave little girl.

Final picture, up close…

I was supposed to be attending the Pioneer Woman’s book signing tonight but my friend and I decided to not go because of several reasons but mainly we were both tired from working late the night before. I am so glad we did something as a family. Oh, by the way. J wouldn’t watch as L had her ears done. He cracks me up.


2 thoughts on “One little girl & two pierced ears

  1. Becca L.B. says:

    Such a big girl! I remember what a milestone it was for me to get both sets done so we want to do something similar when our girls decide it’s something they want to do. Plus, I don’t want to have one more thing to take care of, so when they are old enough to take care of them, I’m all for it.
    She looks great!

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