Etsy Holiday Love

One of my friends asked on facebook a few days ago if it’s too early to put up their tree, while I do think it’s a little soon, anymore it’s the way it is. It’s hard to not get in the mood when the stores are starting their displays. I was looking around etsy the other night and couldn’t resist a few holiday searches. Here are some favorites….

Wouldn’t this be perfect for a studio apartment with absolutely no room for a tree. Love this idea.

Seriously want to buy this set for an upcoming photo shoot. Or this one… seriously Becca are you dying yet?! A would be adorable in this. (I should mention that I have a friend expecting right before Christmas this year)

OMG I promise this isn’t going to be a post about the things I would buy for my baby photoshoots but Oh-My-Lanta… how cute and significantly plain & perfect is this – OK one more…. this is adorable for a newborn.

LOVE, wish I could shrink L for one day so she could wear this

Such a pretty dress for L

I have to say this dress would be so cute for Christmas Eve, for me

I could go on and on.

One thought on “Etsy Holiday Love

  1. Becca L.B. says:

    So cute! I love that one that is the shirt with the tulle skirt, but simply can’t justify the price. You know how it is: spending that much for one photo shoot? Can’t do it! Guess this is where the tulle skirt idea you e-mailed me about came from huh? 🙂

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