We’re talking cards tonight

Usually I am game on by now…. I’m talking about Christmas.  Does it floor anyone else that Christmas is only 6 weeks away? Good lord. How did that happen? Every year flies by and before you know it the holidays are upon you. My mind is gearing up, I’m getting in the mood. I walked through a Christmas aisle at Target that had wreaths and other greenery and the smell got me. I felt my heart leap in my chest, I was finding myself excited that Christmas was approaching. By now, in years past, I would be stressed out. But I’m not. The kids Christmas shopping is almost done, I’m not buying for every single distant/close relative and I have made a HUGE decision, I will not be hand making my Christmas cards this year. This is a big deal to me. I take pride in designing and making my cards but I am just way to busy this year and I feel like just taking that one single thing off my list has made a big difference. I feel like I’m at confessional. HAH.

Well tonight I went and purchased some store bought cards and I think they are perfectly fine. I will include a beautiful picture of my family that my friend SK took and I will do the Hotomom traditional christmas carol/poem I create every year. All I can say is that the angels are singing Hallelujah over my shoulder and I can breathe. So in the end they won’t be as pretty as usual and my family and friends won’t be in awe of my paper crafting skills but maybe they’ll see a happier woman hanging out with her kids in the weeks after Thanksgiving.

Oh and thanks to my mom and SK for talking me through my decision 🙂


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