A Romp in the Leaves

Yesterday after J got home from school we ate some lunch and then attacked the leaves outside. It’s our neighbors tree but all the leaves end up in our front yard. I’ll have to remember to thank them for that. Anyway, I raked all the leaves onto the sidewalk into a huge, long pile and the kids, being kids decided that jumping in them and throwing them was more fun than putting them into the bucket. I did get some cute photos.

DSC_0117 watermark

DSC_0130 watermark

DSC_0131 watermark

DSC_0133 watermark

DSC_0134 watermark

DSC_0140 watermark

When we came inside J and I had a hard time breathing and were coughing so I am sure there was something nasty in those leaves but it was worth the fun we had.


3 thoughts on “A Romp in the Leaves

  1. Linda says:

    Priceless photos! Reminds me of being at the park together with our children getting ideas for our clubhouse [circa 1978 or so]. Andrew ended up in the ER with asthma attack after his romp in the leaves. Wish there were no nasties hiding in those leaves!

  2. mandy says:

    You are welcome. I am glad you liked them. Your little one is so pretty. Love the fun fall photos you have of your kiddo’s playing!

  3. I love moms like you : ) How easy would it be to yell about your nice raked pile? But you let them be kids! Perfect! And you got some fab pictures too! : )

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