Halloween 2009

My mom and I worked on L’s costume all of Tuesday and I think it turned out really cute…


L was a flower pot and J was of course, Scooby Doo. This picture was taken at my in-law’s house and after we took J’s costume off he immediately fell into a fever-induced heap. Poor guy. We brought him home to nap and his fever just got worse (103.1) and he had a headache. We called our exchange and they told us it’s probably viral and not H1N1. He had a semi-good night’s sleep and his fever (99.0) is down today but the poor guy missed out on trick or treating. L didn’t blink an eye and offered him half of her candy. Such a sweet little girl.

L’s costume was a huge hit. Maybe I’ll do a post on how I made her costume (with my mom’s help) probably not today I have a sick baby boy still to tend too.


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3 thoughts on “Halloween 2009

  1. I am sorry about your sick boy! Poor thing. Totally and completely ADORING the flower pot : ) So cute! Love it!

  2. LOVE LOVE the flower pot— so creative and sweet!

    Hope your little man is all better now.

  3. […] was a flower pot for Halloween and it was a HUGE […]

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