Every post should be titled…

I feel like every post should be titled, so very busy. We had an extremely busy week with all the parties and preparations for Halloween. Thursday J had his Halloween party at school, we rushed home ate lunch, ran out the door to dance class where L invited J to be her guest for the Halloween party, went to the dollar store to get party supplies for L’s Halloween party at school the next day, went to school to attend L’s first Daisy meeting, picked up JT, went out to dinner, then out for dessert AND finally home. CRAZY day.

Friday I dropped L off at school and it was raining buckets. Thankfully JT was working from home so I left J in his care and went out to my friend SK’s house. I borrowed her tripod and needed a little refresher course plus just some girl time. We decided to go shopping, I bought some stuff for Christmas at Target. Left my friend and ran home to pick up the party supplies, ran to L’s Halloween party at school. I was there until 2:45 then came home and cleaned my house. Our friends came over at 6:30 pm, we ate a yummy dinner, sat outside by a warm fire and played some Wii. Our night ended around 10:00 pm.

I have to say that yes I was busy and it was crazy but I look back now and know that it was a lot of fun. I know this post was quick and scattered but I needed to jot it all down for posterity sake.

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