My Mom’s Birthday

My mom’s birthday was this last Friday and she loves going to the wineries so we decided to try a new batch of wineries this year. We usually head to Augusta, MO and enjoy the views and wine at Mount Pleasant Winery. It’s really beautiful there. But I had never been to historic Ste. Genevieve and knew it might be fun for my mom to walk around the antique shops and then head to another favorite winery, Chaumette Winery.

We drove to historic downtown Ste. Genevieve first and walked through one antique store, not finding much. We were a little disappointed in the historic area. Shops are harder to find, we were expecting a street similar to Old St. Charles. It’s still a wonderful town we just didn’t stick around all that long to explore it more in depth. The kids were rather lucky, when we parked our car we parked right outside a cute candy store. So my mom took them in there and let them buy whatever candy they wanted. I may have gotten some too.

I found this really cool old house just outside Ste. Genevieve…

DSC_0008 watermark

While paying at the candy store JT found a brochure that listed all the wineries in the area and he found one called Cave Vineyard. It’s on the way to Chaumette so we decided to stop and check out the winery in a cave. Very interesting. You stop at the top where you can park and pay for some wine, buy some cheese or do a little wine tasting for $5 and you get to keep your glass. We bought one bottle and started walking down towards the cave. The trees were beautiful, there isn’t really a “view” but it was amazing. We were the only ones there so the kids could run and they loved that they were sitting in a cave. There is a pesky yellow lab that wouldn’t leave our sides and kept trying to get our food but being a dog lover I didn’t let it get us down. At the cave vineyards we gave mom her presents, the kids gave her a polka dot umbrella and I gave her a new coat. She loved both of them, but the kids played with her umbrella the whole time we were there.

DSC_0009 watermark

DSC_0062 watermark

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We left the cave vineyard after our bottle and headed to Chaumette for lunch and more wine. Chaumette is beautiful. I highly recommend it to anyone that is getting married. There is a small chapel on top of a hill overlooking the winery, the inside of the winery where the reception would be held is gorgeous and there are cabins for your guests to stay the night. Love it.

DSC_0172 watermark

DSC_0181 watermark

DSC_0191 watermark

DSC_0231 watermark

Happy Birthday Mom, we love you and had a wonderful time.


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3 thoughts on “My Mom’s Birthday

  1. Becca says:

    Love both of those. Cave vineyard is actually Mat’s favorite winery, but I think that is because he saw a snake along the trail 🙂

  2. MrsW says:

    Dang. When we were on holiday in Georgia a couple years ago we flew (free of children!) to Kansas City for a couple of days to see Rush. It didn’t occur to me there might be vinyards a mere 4 hour drive away. I think I’ll have to come back now 🙂

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