A weekend full of photography

This weekend was busy busy busy.

You know from the previous post we had an excellent time on Friday at the wineries. Well on Saturday we woke up early and met my friend at Castlewood State Park where she took pictures of our family outside in the wonderful air and pretty trees. I also brought my camera and took a picture of her and her girls. She then took some time to talk “shop” with me. Explaining more about my camera and f-stops and shutter speeds. Everytime she talks a light goes off in my head. 🙂 I’ll blog more of those pics after this post…

DSC_0001 watermark

Saturday afternoon we attended our little cousin’s 3rd birthday party. It was a cute Cardinals theme and the kids had fun playing but oh my J was not happy when we left. He was down right pissed off. He threw a fit like I have never seen before. Their favorite part of the evening (besides cake) was the tractor ride.

DSC_0019-1 watermark

Sunday morning I met one of L’s classmates and her mom at the park for some christmas pictures. We had a lot of fun and I think I got a couple really good ones. If you wanna see more of their session you can visit www.hollajanephotography.com.

DSC_0179 watermark

Sunday afternoon I met the P family at Concordia Seminary (an awesome place for photographs) to photograph they’re two darling little girls. They were flower girls in their uncles wedding and they never got pictures of them and the beautiful dresses their grandmother made. Again, if you want more just check out my professional blog at www.hollajanephotography.com.

DSC_0040 watermark

What a fantastic weekend. Busy but full of family and friends.



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