Pumpkin Patch 2009

This last Sunday we visited the pumpkin patch. It was pretty much the only day we had available the whole month of October. We lucked out on the weather. It was beautiful. Even more exciting… my mom, brother and future sis-in-law came along. So the kids were surrounded by their favorite people.

We went to Eckert’s over in Millstadt, IL. It’s our favorite pumpkin patch because of all the things you can do there. It was really crowded because it was finally a nice day but it was fine we still had fun.

DSC_0144 watermark

It was like a kid free day for me. They got to sit on the top of the wagon so they were super excited, plus mommy and daddy weren’t up there with them. Just their GeGe, Unca Na and Aunt Carrie.

DSC_0018 watermark

Love this picture of my little man

DSC_0019 watermark

Oh and this guy is pretty cute too…


Awesome view… you can see the arch from the patch.


Then the hunt began

DSC_0034  DSC_0048

The horizon is so off on the first picture but oh how I love it.

DSC_0041-2  DSC_0044-2

My mom wanted a picture of all of her “kids”. Aren’t we adorable? My family is so short compared to my brother (he’s 6’5″) and C.

DSC_0054-2 watermark

They are too cute together and so much fun to take pictures of…

DSC_0056-2 watermark

More pictures of the family, these two are pretty cute too.

DSC_0068 watermark

DSC_0072 watermark

DSC_0081 watermark

DSC_0084 watermark

Pony rides and flocks of ladybugs

DSC_0103 watermark  DSC_0112 watermark

DSC_0128 watermark

Finally after all that fun we were starving so we headed back to STL for a yummy steak lunch to celebrate my brother’s birthday. I love my family and love being with them all at the same time.

I forgot we stopped to pet the animals and there were two baby camels. We watched a little boy feed one of them and while we were doing that the other walked over to J. He put his hand out to pet the camel and the camel took J’s whole hand and part of his arm into his mouth. When I pulled it out it had so much goo all over it I had to walk away because I was gagging. My poor Mom tried to clean him up as much as she could but it was all over his sweatshirt. We are still laughing about it today. I only wish I had captured it on film.


One thought on “Pumpkin Patch 2009

  1. Heather S. says:

    Glad you found a day to go! We still haven’t made it!! We are running out of time!!!

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