Zing Zang Zoom

We went to the circus… and had an amazing time. Thanks to this good ol blog I received 4 free tickets to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey while it was here in town. We became excited when we saw the train pull in earlier last week. (We drive by the downtown train yard everyday when we take JT to work.) All week we saw trucks with these trailers attached moving through downtown. The kids would spot one and scream with excitement.


On Saturday we rode the Metrolink to the circus because it saves a bunch of money but also because we thought the kids would love it and I was right they did. We rode it once with them before when they were babies but of course they don’t remember.


L is so funny when we arrived they were both so excited but she made me stop and take a picture of them outside the venue. She is so much like me.

DSCN2743 watermark

We arrived early so we could watch the pre-show. Our seats were amazing. We were down close to the front so we didn’t miss anything. We didn’t actually go down there because it was packed but sitting and watching was just as great. We saw an elephant paint a picture, an elephant play basketball, clowns, jugglers and a woman who did acrobatics on an aerial silk (I believe that’s the official name). That was all just the opening show.


When the circus did start it was extremely entertaining. All of a sudden the circus performers burst into the ring singing a catchy song about Zinging, Zanging and Zooming. There were tons of singing in between acts and it wasn’t hokey. In fact they were singing a song about “not trying the acts at home” and it really stuck with L. She even remembered the words afterwards. (JT and I were actually singing the Zing Zang Zoom song all night.)

We all had our favorite parts. The elephants, the tigers, the dogs and clowns, the horses, the tight rope walkers, the cannon and the guys that run around in those huge hamster wheels (no other way to explain it). So much to think about and talk about, so much to buy. Yikes it cost a small fortune but it really was something we’ll remember always. I loved this circus. It moved at a great pace and was extremely entertaining. Thanks to Mom Central for allowing us the opportunity to attend.

DSCN2763  DSCN2764  DSCN2768

DSCN2777  DSCN2781  DSCN2799

My kids keep asking to go back which to me is a successful visit. I’m sure we’ll go again next time they are here.


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