Freezing Field Trip Day

Today was L’s first kindergarten field trip. She woke up so excited because today was the day she was going to ride the school bus for the first time. I took her to school and returned in an hour to depart on our adventure. We were going to the Museum of Transportation.

I took my point and shoot so the pictures are… eh. But who cares!!! At least it’s documented for my darling girl.

Here’s L and her friend

DSCN2619 watermark

She was mesmerized the whole time. I think the freedom of no carseat threw her a bit, she was all smiles but quiet. When we arrived at the Museum she did tell me, “Mom I saw a truck and it had a dead deer in the back.” Awesome!!


Listening to a lecture on trains, who knew there were so many interesting things.

DSCN2622 watermark

Putting together the wooden train they each made and got to color

DSCN2626 watermark

We rode a tram down to ride this little train, the kids loved it but it was REALLY cold. We were all freezing. There were about 5 turkeys near the tracks so the kids enjoyed that. I think we were all happy to be done though. Like I said it was cold. I didn’t get any pics of L on the tram or train but I did get a pic of my friend B’s significant other and their son.

DSCN2635 watermark

On our tour we were able to walk in some of the trains linked together.

DSCN2638 watermark

The front of some train… I wasn’t paying attention and got yelled at for talking. Seriously. It happened. Our guide was a little passionate or grouchy. Take your pick.

DSCN2645 watermark

Class pic

DSCN2651 watermark

Obligatory pic of train. There are so many really cool picture opportunities here. I’m thinking a family of boys would be the perfect portrait session here.

DSCN2655 watermark

Finally proof that I was there with my baby girl. We had so much fun together. It’s always nice to walk around and talk with the teachers and parents too.

DSCN2668 watermark

L started to get really tired on the way home and layed on my arm the whole way back. She was worn out. When we got back to the school she went in, hung up her coat and ran to the bathroom. All the kids by this time were coming in and I heard screaming and yelling but didn’t think much of it, all of a sudden people were hurrying toward the girls bathroom. Poor L had gotten her hand stuck in between the stall door and the stall. One of the dad’s came to her rescue as I went running in there and he freed her. Boy was she screaming, broke my heart. She’s okay, just some slight bruising but her teacher told me it was okay to take her home. Poor thing. She was more scared than hurt but my thanks goes out to that dad for getting her loose. I was pretty scared myself running in there and even pushed some parents aside so my apologies to them, I was just trying to get to my baby girl.

Anyway if you live in STL and haven’t been to the Museum of Transportation you should. It’s awesome. We always have fun whenever we get a chance to head out there.


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