Our dog…

Our favorite dog has cancer. A mean nasty kind that will probably just keep coming back. He had surgery a couple of weeks ago to remove a tumor and the vet doesn’t think she was able to get it all. We were waiting for the oncologist to call us back, well she finally did on Monday. We had three options.

#1 An experimental pill that would have major side effects (vomiting, blood in the stool) but was free

#2 A shot that he would get every two weeks, he would stay in the hospital for 2 hours and he would need 8 of them. Each shot cost $175.

#3 1 prednisone pill a day, two benadryl and 2 pepcid for 6 months.

We chose #3 because it was something we could afford. The prednisone is only $13 a month so that’s not bad, plus the other two are over the counter and JT can turn in any medication purchases for reimbursement through our health plan. It was a hard choice because you feel like they are a member of your family and you want what is best for them but the grand total for #2 would have been $1400. That’s a lot of money for us but oh the guilt. The treatment plan we chose will increase his life span by at least a year or more. So there’s that good news. He goes back in 2 months to get checked again for any more lumps so we will see then if it’s progressed more or if we’re controlling it.

If you were to see him today you wouldn’t even know the little guy is sick. We bought him a new toy and he is flying around the house playing with the toy and the kids. Still a puppy at heart.




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