What a weekend…

Friday night we had book club. I picked my mom up at 6:30 pm and we drove over to Fairview Heights to meet up with my friend Becca. We were discussing the book Poisonwood Bible, it was a great discussion. We walked around a little so my mom could pick the next month’s book. She wanted to go but I convinced her to walk around a little more. We finally left a little after 8:00 pm and I dropped her off at 8:30 pm. I walked in to two little kids waiting up for me in their beds. So I cuddled a little when my cell phone started ringing. It was my mom “Come back quick! I need you.” My grandmother had fallen and was laying in a pool of blood.

So I quickly got back in the car and headed back (only 5 blocks), on the way I had to stop for the ambulance. I parked my car on the corner and ran 1/2 a block at full speed. When I got upstairs she was just laying there in the middle of a doorway. I was in shock. I quickly started making phone calls while mom helped the paramedics. I answered questions while keeping my mom calm. It was all a nightmare.

They rushed her to the ER where my mom followed in her car. I went home to await any news. I felt guilty for not going with my mom but when she called she had told me the ER was packed full of sick people with the flu. YUCK!! She said they were just laying everywhere coughing and …. ewww nevermind. Anyway after xrays they learned that she had a broken leg right at the hip joint. She has a bruised wrist and a bruised nose. Most of the blood came from her nose. We don’t really know what happened, she doesn’t really remember. But luckily the doctors say she will have surgery today or tomorrow. It’s only an hour long and she should be able to get up and start moving around the next day. So in the end we all have our fingers crossed for it all going well.


Saturday I woke up and met my friend in St. Charles to photograph a girl I went to high school with and her two cutie pies. It was a lot of fun. I took my camera and I was able to capture a few photos. Holly and I work in St. Charles ALOT so I knew of some places I wanted to try and after watching her and learning a few tricks I tried some of her brilliant tricks. Of course my pics didn’t turn out as fabulous but at least I got some practice. I have lost my editing nerve a bit but I’ve been reassured that I’ve got to just keep moving forward and not be scared or intimidated thanks Katherine Marie and everyone else who took the time to comment on my photo. Here’s one of my faves from yesterday.


I hurt my shoulder horribly yesterday, no clue how it happened but the pain was immense. I couldn’t use it at all and it just hung at my side all day. Not even 2 Aleve and heat did the trick. So I went to bed early.


That brings us to today. I was going to attend a photography class my boss was hosting but unfortunately there were several cancellations. We decided to take the kids to the park on this beautiful day, while there L started to decline quickly. I ended up carrying her back to the car in a large heap. Poor thing. She was a little warm but nothing concerning. We went to the movie store to rent some movies so we could fend off any boredom the kids might invent and while there she became extremely pale, so JT carried her out to the car. J and I followed after with our movies. We came home and now she sleeping on the couch. My poor baby. The rest of us are overdosing on hand sanitizer and I’m watching her carefully for anything more serious. She’s had a couple health issues lately and I’m hoping none of them are all tied together.

I think that’s it. Hopefully nothing else happens but I did forget to tell you that our dog, our favorite friendly dog has cancer. More on that later. I believe that not much else can happen and nothing else had better happen. We have a fabulous trip planned for this coming weekend.

2 thoughts on “What a weekend…

  1. Becca says:

    OMG! Glad to hear your Grandma is stable and they know what to fix. Thank God your Mom checked on her! I hope this week is better than your weekend!

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