F for the day, so far

The littlest things can make you feel like you fail the day. For instance it’s 12:30 and J and I are eating lunch. I got the bread down to make us each a sandwich and the bread I just bought is all moldy. How did I not realize it was moldy? So instead of sandwiches for lunch I made Ramen, chicken for him and beef for me. YUCK!!! I am so sick of Ramen. It’s J’s favorite and he’s starving. I bet Katie Holmes doesn’t let Suri eat Ramen for lunch. I can’t even finish my lunch, blech. I’m still hungry. FAIL!!!

Another quick fail…. my son needs to quit listening to my music, as of today. My brother and C are downstairs singing Holiday Road and dancing and carrying on (being silly). J says to me, while we’re sitting here eating… “I think they’re having a party in their bedroom, like on that song in the car.” OMG!!! WTH?!?! I died!!!

At least it’s only 12:33 pm, I still have time to redeem the day.


2 thoughts on “F for the day, so far

  1. Alyce says:

    I totally understand the music thing…the twins repeat ALL of the words. I know they don’t know what they mean, but it makes me cringe sometimes.

  2. wherelifebecomesart says:

    Too funny!!! The song thing.
    And as for Katie Holmes..well at least your kids have a normal mom and dad. nough said.

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