A Photo Scavenger Hunt

Do ever check out all of my favorite photogs in my blogroll? There are some very talented women & men over there and I read each of them daily. While reading Emily’s Little World the other day I was very excited to learn she was doing a photo scavenger hunt (with prizes to a random winner). Yeah a reason to take photos. I have really been wanting to participates and I finally had time to take some photos today.

The rules are we had to pick 8 of the 10 things she listed and then find something to photograph that represents our choice. They were:

  1. Something you need every single day
  2. Something you once lost, but finally found
  3. A happy place in your home
  4. Something you ate today
  5. A picture of a picture
  6. A favorite book
  7. Something “Fall-y”
  8. Your favorite color
  9. Something from your childhood
  10. Something from your to-do list

I had so much fun looking all around the house for these pictures and I even made J help me a little with holding a light (hee hee, poor kid). So without further ado… here are my pics.

#1 Something I Need Every Day


my coffee from Quiktrip. Love it. Have to have it. Can’t function without it.

#3 A Happy Place in My Home


A small corner of my couch. I usually sit here on my laptop with my coffee and iPhone plus the remotes (all on the windowsill). I can sit here and look out the window, watch TV, kick back…. you name it.

#5 A Picture of a Picture


Take your pick, these are a few of my favorites that sit on top of our hooks in our entryway. Love having all of my family pictures there so everyone can see them as they walk up the stairs.

#6 A Favorite Book


Picking a favorite book would be like picking which of my kids I like more. So I took a picture of my favorite section on my bookcase. I always love Sophie Kinsella but my fave of the week is Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum. This book was a-mazing!!

#7 Something “Fall-y”


What says fall more than a yellow fallen leaf in the green grass. Sigh. I love fall. This was my original pick to represent fall but then I came inside and found something else that represents fall to me….


Halloween candy. YUM! This bag is gigantic and yes it’s already been opened. L and I dug into it yesterday while doing her homework.

#8 My Favorite Color


I “heart” green. It’s my favorite color and I own a ton of green clothing. In fact I really want to go buy this coat, badly. Don’t you love the names on these markers… grasshopper green, leaf green, leprechaun green, baby lime and beetle green. I need to hurry and put these back before L realizes that I borrowed them.

#9 Something From Your Childhood


Samantha my American Girl doll. She now belongs to L. The other doll is L’s most recent American Girl addition Molly. She adores these dolls. They have stopped making Samantha as of Christmas last year. I received her when I was a little girl, much older than L but she takes really good care of her for me.

#10 Something From Your To-Do List


One fifne afternoon while I was working L decided to take all of my scrapbooking ribbon and unwind them from their spools. So now I have a huge baskets full of knotted ribbon and empty spools. This has been on my to-do list for quite a while now and I just don’t have the patience to tackle it, at least not yet.

If you want to play along just visit Emily at her Little World and take time to admire some of her photography.


2 thoughts on “A Photo Scavenger Hunt

  1. LOVE it!!! Thanks for the shout out, not once but TWICE. Woot!

    And that green coat you want? Dang it, now I want it too. Haha!

    Love the yellow leaf pic… and I’m with you on the Halloween candy. YUM. And the ribbon pile— YIKES. Have fun with that!

    Thanks so much for visiting and for playing!!

  2. wherelifebecomesart says:

    GREAT photos!!!

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