It’s only September 23rd

A letter I’m composing….

Dear Pottery Barn Kids,

On September 23rd I visited your website in hopes of finally being able to purchase the adorable cupcake costume you have for sale. It’s takes a normal everyday person such as myself time to put together $59 (plus tax). I was very excited tonight and ready to make my little girl a happy little girl. Imagine my surprise when your website informed me that the costume was NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Really on September 23rd? Wow that must be some sort of record especially since Halloween is still 37 days away. I understand that a mother should be prepared which is why I was purchasing her costume of choice 37 days before Halloween.

Those are strong words, NO LONGER AVAILABLE. I imagine these words to mean that you will no longer be carrying the costume this season. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe this was a new item for you. I am surprised that you wouldn’t have some of your seamstresses make a few more for the public. Although I guess if you sold out of the item and are no longer carrying the costume, there might be 100 other girls out there in the same thing. We were picking your costume to be original and I suppose it wouldn’t have been all that original after all.

I will end up saving a lot of money because a normal costume is going to cost much less and now that my brilliant mother and I have decided to make our own cupcake costume we plan on doing it right.

  • We will be able to place sprinkles on her cupcake, because it’s one of her favorite toppings
  • There will be a cherry atop her head instead of a strawberry, I haven’t eaten many cupcakes with strawberries on the top

There are tons of templates and ideas online and I am looking forward to passing on a homemade costume to my child. So thank you Pottery Barn Kids. Because of you I am now going to be creative and save money at the same time.



(If you want to see just how stinkin cute the costume would have looked on… visit Do They Have Salsa in China, she got the costume for her darling girls. She’s one of the lucky ones she says it’s totally cute on too)

5 thoughts on “It’s only September 23rd

  1. hotomom says:

    Thanks M3, you rock. I’ll check all of these out.

  2. Kate says:

    Hey Holly!

    I think you can make a much better cupcake costume then their’s anyway. I wasn’t really that impressed, I am thinking one with a tutu and sparkles…It will be perfect!

  3. emily s. says:

    Oh, I agree with Kate– I think making one will be MUCH cuter. Good for you!
    I am SUCH a cupcake fanatic… 🙂

    (P.S. Thanks for supporting my photography on your blog. What a treat!))

  4. wherelifebecomesart says:

    Wow!! how nice of M3 (do they have salso in china) to give you all those links!!!

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