Top Ten Tuesday – RIP Patrick Swayze

It’s so sad that he’s gone. I didn’t know him (obviously) but I appreciated his work. Here are 10 things I loved about him or his work. (I could do a list on 10 Things I Love just about Dirty Dancing but thought this list was more poignant).

Patrick Swayze

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1. Dirty Dancing. I remember where I was when I saw Dirty Dancing for the first time. I was sitting in the living room at my parents house. They were having a party and I came down because I was being nosey. My mom and dad’s friend Sylvia (since passed of lung cancer) pulled me onto her lap and we sat and watched Dirty Dancing together. She talked to me about the movie but I really can’t remember the things we talked about I just remember thinking I wanted to be like Baby.

 2. Dancing Abilities. Dude he could really shake his groove thing and he did it in a way that made every woman want to join him. My thanks to his mother for teaching him all those great moves that made us lust over him in Dirty Dancing.

3. His marriage. I love that he was married to his wife Lisa for 34 years. It just goes to show that not every marriage in Hollywood ends in divorce.

4. Ghost. I could watch the movie Ghost over and over. Him and Whoopi Goldberg made a great comedy team but the infamous pottery scene with Demi Moore will be etched in my brain for eternity.

5. Point Break. Yeah this is a cheesy as hell movie but god it’s so much fun to watch Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves run around all muscular and tan. I loved his long blond locks in this film.

6. Heartthrob. He was a bit of a heartthrob. One article describes him as a Harlequin heartthrob come to life. He did win People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 1991. To me he was sexy or “cute” depending on the role he was playing. Johnny Castle, yes please. Bodhi, oh yeah.

7. Singer. We all know the song She’s Like the Wind. It’s definitely not a favorite song but dude he at least sang a song and it’s a song that everytime you hear it you go back to the Catskills, watching Johnny drive away.

8. All around good guy. He carried himself as a good guy but everyone that is interviewed says that he made an impact on their lives. You could tell he had a good heart.

9. Strong. He was a fighter. He said to Barbara Walters earlier this year in an interview “I want to last until they find a cure… I keep my heart and soul and my spirit open to miracles.” I am sorry you lost your battle.

10. He could be funny and hilarious. Who could forget this skit on SNL…

RIP Patrick Swayze!!


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – RIP Patrick Swayze

  1. ohamanda says:

    Great list! I didn’t even know he had cancer so it was so sad to hear he died!

  2. Your list reminded me why I felt sad when I heard the news. I vividly remember GHOST… but before your list I didn’t remember that was him?! I think part of my sadness stems from a loss of “long ago”— Dirty Dancing and She’s Like the Wind {I LOVED that song as a teen- was I teen then?}

    This all seems like another world ago.

    I’m with you— “sorry you lost your battle” May Patrick be dancing with the angels now… that’s gotta be better than Dirty Dancing ANY DAY— right?!

    Thanks for posting this!

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