Changing of Seasons

Fall is upon us here in the Lou (well at least the weather today is fall-like). I could not be more excited. Last night I layed in bed and watched the weather lady tell me all about our fantastic upcoming weather and I got butterflies in my stomach. I heart fall. I really do. It’s my favorite season. All the sweaters and jeans, the leaves falling from the trees and crunching under your feet, cool air, pumpkins, halloween, open windows, a hot bowl of soup, football… the list could go on and on.

It makes me think though about all the things we did this summer. We had playdates, zoo trips, friends from out of town visit, swam, visited Six Flags, did fun things around the city and redecorated our backyard. Of course we did so much more but my mind isn’t in summer mode right now. It’s in Fall mode. Bring it on, I’m ready. Fire pits, apple orchards, pumpkin patches, Halloween costume shopping… HERE WE COME!!!


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