First Day of Preschool for J

Seriously… I was looking back and I cannot believe I never posted J’s first day of preschool. Geez, if that doesn’t prove how busy I have been the last two weeks nothing does.

So my little man is a preschooler. The first day he went for an hour. He was so nervous his voice was shaking when he talked. Poor guy. When we got there he stood behind me and watched all the kids and parents come and go. I talked him into sitting down to work on a puzzle thing. When he was engrossed in that I gave him a kiss a left. Sweet boy just looked at me and said “bye Mommy”. The hour went by very quickly so when I picked him up I asked him if he had fun. “Yeah Mommy but I’m not gonna talk to them.” Great.

Thursday (Sept 3rd) was his first full day. We walked in, he put his bag on his hook, found his name on the attendance chart, found a crayon and went to work on his picture. I barely got a kiss and goodbye. Such a rockstar. He is so different from his sister. It took her two weeks to warm up to school. J has taken to it immediately and hasn’t looked back. Yeah!! Here’s pics:

My baby big boy posing for the obligatory front porch first day picture.


Second pose, such a goofball. You never know what you’re gonna get when you take pics of J.


My mom stopped by for J’s first day


Family photo, some day my kids will be happy I take all of these.


One last pic before getting in the car. Love this dude. Can’t believe how time flies.



One thought on “First Day of Preschool for J

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Cute, cute, cute!
    Great family photo, too :0)

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