My new ink and other news

Before I get to my news… I promise there will be pics SOON of my handsome boy(s) birthdays. J’s party was a little over a week ago and it was fabulous. I should have pics soon. JT’s birthday was today and we had a fantastic day, we had brunch at the City Diner, then went to the mall so he could spend some of his birthday money on a new watch and shoes. Slightly jealous. I will have pics of our day as soon as I download the pics from my camera. Feeling a little lazy tonight.

On Saturday night my mom watched the kids overnight so JT and I could go out to dinner. My hubby really wanted sushi so we went to the Drunken Fish, a new place for us. JT really enjoyed his food but mine was a little disappointing. I had lobster tempura. You couldn’t even taste the lobster. It was like a chicken strip deep fried in panko. Not very good and disappointing for the price. Anyway when we were finished we were too tired to go see a movie plus we couldn’t agree on one so it was either go walk around the mall or go visit a tattoo parlor and talk about the work I wanted done. We decided on the tattoo parlor. Yeehaw!! I was so excited. So we walked into All Star Tattoo and talked to the one of the artists at the front desk. I didn’t realize that they closed at 10:00 pm and we arrived at 9:00 pm so they couldn’t really do my shoulder piece idea but they definitely could do the piece I wanted on my foot.

I have to admit that I am a little strange and the only one I know like me… I enjoy the needle to skin contact that results in a tattoo (shots on the other hand I don’t take very well). I get a rush from the pain because it always ends in beautiful art. Weird, absolutely!! I’m in love with my new tattoo and cannot wait to get the shoulder piece I want done. Here’s a picture of my new tattoo (I apologize in advance for my fugly foot)



Many of you will be able to guess what it is (I hope) but I won’t be saying it “out loud” on here because it has to do with a loved one in my life. It’s an addiction but this is my 7th one.

2 thoughts on “My new ink and other news

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