Top Ten Tuesday – Things that are making me happy

It has been two weeks of nothing but blessings. So I couldn’t help but make a list because I love lists.

1. My little boy and little girl being absolute treasures to be with lately…

2. A helpful and patient husband that loves us all deeply.

3. This outfit from Gymboree. It’s from my awesome mom. She got it for L and I cannot wait for the cool weather just so she can wear it all the time. I love hanging out with my mom lately. She’s so much fun.

4. Birthdays. J turned 4 on Saturday and JT’s birthday will be on Labor Day. So much to celebrate.

5. New packs of crayons only costing $0.25. Am I the only one that loves these??

6. My friends. S, B and Holly. All of them bring so much to my life and I’m so happy they are in it.

7. My camera. I’m having so much fun taking pictures lately (when the battery isn’t dead).

8. This weather. Yesterday’s high was only 71. We started the morning out in sweaters. Love sweaters. Fall (my favorite season) is right around the corner.

9. New school shoes. I love clean white tennis shoes or clean and pretty black dress shoes.

10. My daughter being the rockstar that she is at school. She has gotten a sticker on her good behavior chart everyday. She is still a little upset when she gets there in the morning but she’s fine by the afternoon. Oh and her uniforms are so cute.

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One thought on “Top Ten Tuesday – Things that are making me happy

  1. oh amanda says:

    You made me love every bit of that, too! And yes, I love 25 cent crayons!!

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