A fantastic family week/weekend

Really not a single blog since Tuesday, I can’t believe I was quiet for that long. I was SO busy last week getting ready for J’s birthday that I kind of lost track of everything else. The birthday party was fantastic and I’ll have pictures as soon as I get them from my friend S. My camcorder’s tape ended right at present opening and my camera battery died right in the middle of present opening. I could’ve run upstairs to get my second battery but I had my own professional photographer present. Hee hee. Thanks to S for taking over the photography duties.

So since I talked to you last I attended preschool orientation for J and got a haircut and new color. On Friday we took J to meet his new teacher (which didn’t go well), he was really shy and wouldn’t give her eye contact or speak to her. We’ll see on Tuesday how that goes. After we left school we took J to Incredible Pizz Co. We practically had the whole place to ourselves. Have you ever been there? What a fun place but lord is it expensive. We spent a ton just on playing games and then the go karts and golf were extra. It wasn’t unreasonable but for some one on a budget it was a little out of control. We ate at their pizza buffet and enjoyed some Spongebob while we ate on a big screen. J couldn’t have had a better day.

This last week and weekend were so amazing. Not to sound too corny but we had a great week and weekend as a family. Can’t wait to come back and tell you about J’s 4th birthday. It’s another crazy week ahead of us so hopefully I’ll be back everyday.


One thought on “A fantastic family week/weekend

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