Top Ten Tuesday – J’s Superhero Birthday

Top Ten Tuesday

This Saturday by baby boy turns 4. Seems like I was just giving birth to this little hurricane (he was born on the day New Orleans was destroyed by Katrina). Anyway we are throwing him a fantastic birthday party this Saturday night and I of course have gone overboard on the funtasticness that is a birthday. Here are the top ten things I’ve got going on for this party. Pictures will follow in another post.

1. Superhero Gift Bags. Target rocks, oh wait you probably already knew that. But it does, last month in their $1 section they had superman and supergirl items. So I purchased enough for all the little girls and boys that will be in attendance.

2. Pin the mask to the superhero. I bought two rolls of white paper and I plan on tracing J’s body and making him look like a superhero then the kids will pin a mask (that I also make) onto the body/paper/superhero.

3. Make yourself a superhero. The paper will also be used to trace each of the kiddos, then they can decorate their paper with crayons or whatever else they can find and make themselves look like superheroes.

4. Pinata. What party isn’t complete without a pinata??? I am sure I can find a superhero one. I prefer Superman but we’ll see what I can find.

5. Top Secret Folder Invitations. I found these really awesome manila folders for scrapbooking and used them to make file folders you would find from the top secret superhero training facility. Or something like that.

6. Superheroes in attendance. All of the guests in attendance will be dressed as an assigned superhero. Very excited about this and can’t wait to see all of the costumes.

7. Theme music. I downloaded about 17 songs from iTunes that all have a superhero theme. Like Batman’s theme song, Wonder Woman’s theme song and a couple Superman songs (there are a ton of those).

8. A photo area. Like I wouldn’t be taking photos Saturday night. I am going to put white paper up on our gate with star stickers all over, then have everyone pose in front of the paper with their costume on. Like a faux photo booth (Holly was my inspiration on this one).

9. Superhero Cupcakes. J wants cupcakes so momma will deliver. I am going to decorate the tops with superhero logos. At least the easier ones.

10. Magnetic Superheroes. I am going to print out pictures of the superheroes and the guests in attendance and the kids can play with them on a magnetic easel outside.

There you have it one superhero party. Holy cow!! Think I took on too much?? We’ll see. I will have pics soon. Just too tired tonight. Visit Oh Amanda for more fun lists.


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – J’s Superhero Birthday

  1. Sounds great! You are the ultimate party planner!

  2. I can’t wait to see PHOTOS of all your DETAILS! Sounds like one AMAZING HERO party!

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