Me Cube

In my earlier post (the one right before this one) I had mentioned L and I made a Me Cube. For her first day she needed to find a box and dedicate each of the 6 sides to something/someone she loves or what she did this summer. It’s a getting to know our classmates project. We worked really hard all day on Friday. I let her dig through all of my scraps of paper and printed out the pictures she wanted, then she did all the cutting, gluing and writing. It’s definitely a work of art.

The top is dedicted to the “People In My Heart”. There are pictures of JT and I, J and the dogs.


There’s a side just for her Uncle Na and Aunt Carrie


She did a side all about herself, she wanted to include pictures from her as a baby to now.


A side all about things she likes, this includes american girl dolls, barbies, the color purple, drawing (the sun) and getting wet (raindrops)


One side was dedicated to her GeGe


And finally one side with pictures of our eventful summer like… horse riding lessons, swimming at Nana and Papa’s, our new play fort, the circus, six flags and our beach playdates with our friends.


She did a fantastic job and I know she is really excited to show it off to her friends and teachers at school.

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