Six Flags with Daddy

JT took a vacation day on Wednesday so he could take us to Six Flags. It so much easier to go with two adults, we were able to ride all of the rides that J’s height permitted. We got there really close to opening and there was no one there. We were able to walk right onto the Scooby Doo ride. Which I have been told is one of their busiest rides (non roller coaster of course).

After Scooby we rode Tony Hawk’s roller coaster. Holy crap, the coaster part was really awesome. You should have seen J’s face he was cracking me up (you sit across from each other). The coaster really stressed him out but he claims he had fun. At the end they spin you around and around at a rather high speed. JT and I exited the roller coaster a little green from the spinning. L wanted to go again but neither JT or I could stomach it again. So instead we let the kids ride on all the kiddie rides. It gave us adults a break.

Our day was full, we rode the Joker, the Mine Train (twice), the Highland Fling, the Log Flume (always a favorite) and the Antique Cars. It was an extremely full and fun day. We were home by 3:00 and ready to collapse.

The kiddos on Taz's Twister

The kiddos on Taz's Twister

Riding Foghorn Leghorn's Railway

Riding Foghorn Leghorn's Railway

Tweety's Twee House

Tweety's Twee House

 Hugs for Characters

DSCN2334  DSCN2335  DSCN2336
DSCN2337  DSCN2338  DSCN2352
DSCN2339  DSCN2340
We took J into this store right by the Scooby Doo ride called “Justice League Headquarters – DC Comics”. I thought he was going to flip. They have everything super hero in there and he was mesmerized. It’s too bad we have to pay $36 per person just to get in there or I would have shopped there for his upcoming birthday.
They of course got capes, The Flash for J and Supergirl for L

They of course got capes, The Flash for J and Supergirl for L

Last time we were at Six Flags with our friends J saw this gigantic black spiderman and he had to have it. You have to play a game to win the thing and I knew that there was no way I was going to be able to win that sucker. So I told him that Daddy would try when we went with him. J did not forget what I said. He talked about nothing more for the last week and the whole way there. He wanted that black spiderman bad. JT made him wait until the end of the day. If he happened to win the dang thing we didn’t want to carry it around all day. Finally every ride had been ridden, JT was up. $15 dollars later and 3 baskets the black spiderman was J’s.
J and his spiderman

J and his spiderman

Walking to our car after a LONG day

Walking to our car after a LONG day


2 thoughts on “Six Flags with Daddy

  1. Mary Jo says:

    I have a newly renewed love for Six Flags this summer! The two times we have gone have been a blast!
    Looks like you had fun :0)

  2. […] Daddy to Six Flags for J’s birthday and to celebrate being together before school […]

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