Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Quirky Things About Me

I think I am being pretty brave… hah. I’m going to tell you things about myself that only my husband or my mom know. Okay so maybe one or two of them might be from my 100 Things list but I will try not to duplicate.

1. I eat my M&M’s in twos and if I can help it they have to be the same color. No idea when this started or why I feel the need to eat them this way, I just do. Oh and I don’t freak if I just grab a handful and eat them, I just prefer to be more organized with my M&M consumption.

2. The covers on our bed have to even. My husband almost refuses to help me make the bed. I will meltdown if he isn’t making it even and if they’re all crooked. I like having them at a certain height at the top of the bed, perfectly tucked at the end and the sides have to be even. Yeah if the M&M thing didn’t convince you then this one did, I’m crazy.

3. My favorite pair of pajamas just happen to be my maternity ones. They are all comfy and stretched out. Perfect for just waking up and sitting on the couch (it’s a shorts and shirt set).

4. I could care less about germs. If we’re playing outside and come inside to eat lunch or something I always forget to have my kids wash their hands. I just don’t think twice about hand cleanliness.

5. I hate lotion. Despise it really. I NEVER use it, ever!!! Okay a couple times a year when my hands are just too dry and they crack when I bend them. Then I will use the only lotion I have found that doesn’t leave a residue on my hands… Curel Natural Healing – Honey, Vanilla and Shea Butter.

6. I dry shave my legs. Always have. Just a little water and I’m off. I have my friend Erin from high school to thank for this. I never knew it was possible till she showed up in science class one time with a razor and just sat there and shaved her legs. That was sophmore year.

7. I have to sleep with a Breathe Right strip every night or else I have trouble breathing and will be up all night.

8. I have found myself on more than one occasion sitting and watching either Spongebob or iCarly with my kiddos. Pretty brainless stuff but I can’t help it.

9. I love reality TV. I several favorites like Tori and Dean, DesignStar, Kendra and now that show There Goes the Neighborhood.

10. I can be a hypochondriac about myself, hubby and my kids. Even my mom and brother. All pains and aches etc. For instance I am watching Oprah this afternoon and Dr. Oz is on. This is not the best show for someone like me to watch. He is talking about worms. The different worms that us humans will acquire, like pinworms or hookworms. YUCK and now of course I am worried about my kids getting worms. This can wear me out though so I’m not a full on raging hypochondriac because you could die from worry of all the things that could be wrong with you or your kids. So I tend to take little breaks from worrying.

There you have 10 more reasons to think I’m crazy. 🙂 I don’t really think I’m crazy, I think I’m just quirky, I beg you to find someone that doesn’t have one quirk or another.

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One thought on “Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Quirky Things About Me

  1. I’m going to have to try dry shaving. Imagine the time I’ll save! Thank goodness for your friend, Erin.
    DesignStar airs tonight! Should be an exciting episode. My guess is that Lonni’s heading home.

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